Our target projects create strong financial and ecological benefits. They generate competitive financial returns for investors and communities while at the same time conserving important ecosystems and biodiversity.

By carefully integrating profitability with sustainability, our target projects contribute to:

  • Generating sustainable returns on investment

  • Conserving tropical forests, endangered wildlife and biodiversity

  • Sustainably increasing productivity of high quality agriculture and forestry commodities while protecting soils and water

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping host communities adapt to the impacts of climate change

Impact Targets

Our holistic approach aims to launch Funds that systematically achieve financial, ecological and social targets. 

  • 8 – 10% returns for investors per annum

  • 1 million hectares of tropical forests conserved or restored

  • 250,000 households benefiting through increased productivity and revenues, improved food security and/or creation of jobs

Measuring Impact

Accountability and measurement of the impact of projects is a key part of our investment strategy and fundamental to our success. We have systems in place to continuously monitor the financial, environmental and social performance of any investments; identify risks; and report on impacts. The resulting lessons learned feed directly back into our adaptive management process to ensure continual improvement in the performance of Fund portfolios – for the benefit of our investors, ecosystems and communities.

In doing so we will adhere to strict environmental, social and governance (ESG) guidelines in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and covering all targets that underpin the sustainability strategy of Natural Capital:

  • Sustainable financial returns

  • Ecosystem preservation, biodiversity conservation and protection of endangered wildlife

  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation

  • Social benefits including economic empowerment, income generation and job creation

  • Local stakeholder engagement and inclusive decision making

Geographic and Sector Focus

  • Tropical ecosystems with highly concentrated biodiversity worldwide

  • Natural Capital Funds will invest in sustainable agriculture, forestry and clean energy projects that directly conserve the most biodiverse, vulnerable and ecologically significant ecosystems on the planet

Natural Capital - Investing in Sustainability

Natural Capital is the trade name of Natural Capital Services Limited

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