Description of Eligible Projects

Natural Capital selects sustainable land use projects that generate substantial financial and ecological returns. These include sustainable agriculture, agroforestry and forest sector projects. The Fund may also invest in clean energy projects if they directly reduce pressure on natural ecosystems and biodiversity and as part of our wider diversification, profit target and risk mitigation strategy.

Elegible projects for investment by the Fund adhere to strict environmental, social and governance (ESG) agreements that will be monitored throughout the investment cycle. They seek to ensure stakeholder engagement in the host country and inclusive decision making; long-term sustainability of the supported local activities, beyond the life-time of the investment; and management of any environmental, social and governance risks.

In addition, projects must mobilize significant third-party co-finance; generate revenues from multiple sources; demonstrate commercial and technical robustness; and measurably protect natural ecosystems, wildlife and biodiversity.

One of the key objectives of this thorough screening process is to select projects that have the potential to sustain themselves commercially beyond our investment, creating self-reinforcing and long lasting local benefits for communities - and the ecosystems they inhabit.

Our Projects Portfolio

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Natural Capital is currently building its pipeline of investment opportunities for the Fund with the help of its network of public and private partners in more than 20 countries across Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Please contact us if you would like to propose your project for consideration by Natural Capital for investment in the Fund.

All projects approved for investment will be published here.

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